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The temple has been destroyed and rebuilt several times because of the various earthquakes and volcanic eruptions followed over time. The first building dates back to 1091, built on the ruins of the “Achilleane” Baths. The first time was destroyed in 1196 due to an earthquake, and then receive substantial damage due to a fire in 1194 and then in 1693, the earthquake that struck the Noto Valley almost completely destroyed it.
Girolamo Palazzotto and Gian Battista Vaccarini were the architects who dealt with the construction of the temple.
Twelve are the columns that make up the main façade, divided into three orders: four of them, the ones that constitute the first order, are made of granite, probably originating from the Roman Theatre.
Each order is sweetly adorned with marble statues of St. Agatha, St. Sant'Euplio and Saint Berillo.
The majestic interior Latin cross is divided into three naves. Of particular interest is the right side, where is the tomb of the composer Vincenzo Bellini. Also in this aisle, protected by a wrought iron gate, there is the majestic chapel dedicated to St. Agatha. Room that people of Catania call "the cammaredda" (the little room), in which are kept the reliquary bust of the saint and the casket with her relics.
Despite everything, citing the writing on the Ferdinandeneand door "Melior de cinere Surgo" (reborn from my ashes even more beautiful), inside the Cathedral of Catania is still possible to admire some Norman ruins in the part of the high transept and the ruins of the old Roman Bath, adorned by a purely Baroque structure, just like the city where it’s built on.


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