Segesta is one of the most beautiful places of all of Sicily, it is at the end of a long and wide valley and at the summit of an isolated hill. The city was founded by the Elymians, such as Erice, soon became one of the major cities of the Mediterranean basin of Hellenistic influence and in the V century it is the greatest enemy of Selinunte. At the end of the IV century BC, Segesta was destroyed by Agathocles, tyrant of Syracuse, re-founded by the Romans and finally destroyed by the Vandals. The Normans built a castle in the XII century, brought to light recently and in the XVI century the historian Thomas Fazello traced the site of the ancient city. The fame of Segesta is mainly linked to the popular Doric temple dating back to the mid V century BC, one of the most interesting and best preserved temples of Sicily. Imposing, it dominates solitary the hill. The peristyle consists of thirty-six not fluted columns and the interior is without the holy cell, these factors have led to the supposition that the building was abandoned before the end. Added to this it is the mystery of his destination, since there is no evidence found that would indicate to which god it was dedicated.

On the highest peak of the mountain there is the theater, built between the III and II century BC but later rebuilt by the Romans, and oriented to the north, in the direction of the Castellammare Gulf. It is one of the finest theaters of antiquity with its 63 meters of diameter and about twenty steps carved into the rock. Like in Syracuse, the orchestra possessed an underground passage. Every year the town of Segesta Calatafimi organized in this beautiful place a series of classic performances and impressive sunrises, poetry recitals at five in the morning that attract a large crowd of enthusiastic people, eager to witness the mysterious spectacle of the rising sun.

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